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RUBY – Drama – 10 pages – When a lonely old man visits his beloved wife’s grave for the first time, he encounters a charming little girl who lifts him out of his doldrums and fills him with hope.  (Winner: Best Short Screenplay, 2019 Milledgeville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Semifinalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.)

THE PUTT PUTT PREACHER – Mockumentary – 10 pages – The story of Father Ralph Mahony, a gentle man of the cloth when behind the church podium but a take-no-prisoners warrior on the putt putt course.  (Finalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Semifinalist, Atlanta Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Winner, Milledgeville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Read review by Script Revolution: The Putt Putt Preacher)

RHINO VS. GORILLA – Surreal Comic Fantasy – 8 pages – When businessman Ronald takes a seat on a park bench, he simply wishes to enjoy his lunch in peace. But when his banana rings like a phone, he answers it and receives a message that turns his life upside down.

 ZARYA – Horror – 10 pages – Two fishermen visit a secluded lake where they hope to catch the big one. Instead, they encounter a mysterious lake creature known as Zarya.  (Top 20 Horror Short on Coverfly’s The Red List. Finalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.)
A VERY JED CHRISTMAS – Comedy – 10 pages – When Jed meets his girlfriend’s parents and sees their inadequate Christmas tree, he decides to give them a few pointers on the meaning of Christmas.  (Quarterfinalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.)

THE LOST TOYS OF LESTER LAKE – Horror – 1 page – Bill only wants to catch a few fish for his dinner. The old, abandoned toys underneath Lester Lake only want someone to play with.

THE SEASHELL – Comic Fable – 8 pages – A lonely young girl finds a seashell and holds it to her ear, expecting to hear peaceful ocean waves. Instead, she hears Mother Nature’s disappointing son, Ricky, who’s filling in for his busy mom. (Finalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Read review by The Seashell)

THE GIFT – Horror – 2 pages – In 1977, a young man receives a camera that takes disturbing pictures.

THE HEARSE FROM BEYOND – Suspense/Horror – 12 pages – On Halloween night, young trick-or-treater Daniel Taylor catches a glimpse of the town’s sinister old undertaker — and turns out to be the last person to see him alive. 

STRAIGHT TALK WITH SUZIE & SANTA – Comedy/Drama – 8 pages – On Christmas Eve, a little girl wakes to find Santa rummaging through her fridge. After scolding him about his diet, she proceeds to grill him about reindeer, elves, bad gifts and other curiosities, and soon develops a new understanding about Christmas. Santa, meanwhile, gets a dose of reality himself – and perhaps a new friend.

MISFORTUNE – Horror/Comedy – 1 page – Two hipsters get more than they bargained for when they break open their fortune cookies.  

NIGHT OF THE SWINGIN’ DEAD – Comedy/Horror – 12 pages – A zombie desires to dance like his hero, Fred Astaire. But first he must find a willing teacher. (1st place, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition – Best Short Screenplay)

S’MORES – Horror – 1 page – Young Eric and Molly are having the time of their lives roasting marshmallows over the campfire. Their parents, not so much… 

FLOWERS ON A SATURDAY – Drama – 8 pages – An elderly man and woman cross paths while visiting the graves of their departed spouses. Sparks don’t exactly fly, but sometimes a simple connection is enough.  (Finalist, 2019 Milledgeville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Semifinalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.)

MOM – Horror – 1 page – A woman looks out her kitchen window and sees her long dead mother in the vegetable garden. But how did she get there? And what is she doing? 

JASPER + MIMI FOREVER – Romantic Comedy – 5 pages – Two freakish outcasts — a bearded woman and a man who has a carrot for a penis — are madly in love and want to have a baby.  (Read review by Jasper + Mimi Forever)

SOPHIE – Horror – 1 page – A lonely boy finds solace by visiting the woods where his little sister died.

BALANCING ACT – Mockumentary – 13 pages – Odell Jones quit his job, went into the wilderness and began stacking rocks, but little did he know that this would lead to a cult following — and the eventual sport of rock balancing. Now he must deal with fame, space monsters and a wife who doesn’t like rocks. (Semifinalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Semifinalist, Milledgeville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Read review by Balancing Act)

FAMILY TIME – Horror – 1 page – A family of four enjoys a quiet dinner around the table. But mom seems different tonight… 

HELLAVISION – Horror – 6 pages – On Halloween night, a young man decides to stay home and watch a horror movie on television. Unfortunately he chooses the wrong channel on the wrong night.

FUN SIZE – Comedy/Horror – 3 pages – A young trick-or-treater is angry after receiving a “fun size” candy bar.  (Read review by Script Revolution: Fun Size)

STATE OF THE UNIVERSE – Comic Fantasy – 13 pages – A chronic sleepwalker awakens in his pajamas deep in the woods. While trying to find his way home, he stumbles upon a secret “State of the Universe” picnic attended by Jesus, Satan, Mother Nature, the U.S. President, Santa Claus and a special guest from another planet.

LUNCH WITH LELAND – Drama – 12 pages – On a whim, a restless young business woman buys lunch for a homeless stranger, and soon they strike up a friendship which transforms their lives forever.  (Finalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition)

NO JOB FOR TENDERFOOTS – Crime Drama/Comedy – 18 pages – Four notorious hit men show up at the same place, brought together by a mysterious cowboy who gives them an unusual mission.

NIGHT OF THE PUMPKINS – Animation: Horror/Dark Comedy – 1 page – Halloween comes only once a year, but not everyone is happy about this. In fact, several pumpkins are mad as hell and not gonna take it anymore.

THE LAST PICNIC – Comedy/Horror/Satire – 17 pages – Four hipsters pack their lunch and excitedly head into the woods for their first ever wilderness picnic. Unfortunately, it all goes very, very wrong. 

FUN SIZE: A MINI HORROR ANTHOLOGY – Horror/Comedy – 12 pages – Anthology of horror shorts. A young man receives a camera that takes disturbing pictures; two hipsters get more than they bargained for when they break open their fortune cookies; a lonely boy finds solace by visiting the woods where his little sister disappeared; and trick-or-treater is angry after receiving a “fun size” candy bar.

RAVEN POINT – Drama – 10 pages – Hoping to soothe his troubled soul, Lucas embarks on a backpacking trip to a remote wilderness area. But his plans to be alone are thwarted when he encounters a free-spirited girl who’s on an unusual mission. (Finalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Read review by Shootin’ the Shorts: Raven Point)

#$@&%*! – Comedy/Drama – 5 pages – Since 1959, a secret company has existed whose job is to place one curse word into the English vocabulary every year — in order to keep the language thriving and on the cutting edge. This year, however, there’s only two days left until deadline and the company still hasn’t found the right word. (Read review by Shootin’ the Shorts: I Swear Inc.)

THE KING OF CORN – Fantasy – 7 pages – Hopelessly lost in a corn maze, a young couple are rescued by a mystery man who bears a striking resemblance to the king of rock’n’roll.

THE HAYSEEDS & THE HIPSTER – Comedy – 8 pages – While eating lunch on a park bench, two backwoods roughnecks spot a real-life hipster. Fascinated, they observe him and make fun of him, but they soon learn that things aren’t always what they seem.

THE DAWN OF ARNIE – Comedy/Romance – 15 pages – An awkward, lonely neat freak decides to loosen up, get out of the house and go on a few dates. Unfortunately, he has no luck with the ladies — that is, until he meets the Queen of the Untamed Forest.  (Semifinalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.)

THE BIG DIG – Sci-Fi/Fantasy – 4 pages – Pete once heard that if you dig a hole far enough you will end up in China. So one day he takes a shovel and decides to find out for himself.

FROLIC #1 – Comic Adventure – 7 pages – During her lunch break, an uptight business woman who’s having a bad day decides to go for a frolic in a field. Unfortunately, she has never frolicked before and can’t quite get the hang of it.

JOLLY – Comic Fantasy – 10 pages – Two hikers encounter a mysterious backpacker with a long white beard, rosy cheeks and a penchant for milk and cookies.  (Read review by Simply Scripts: Previously titled Jingle Trails)

POPSICLES & CORN DOGS – Comedy – 8 pages – A man experiencing intimacy issues with women visits his shrink, who suggests he might be gay. The offended patient then spends his entire session trying to prove he isn’t gay.

PHOEBE – Drama/Suspense/Horror – 7 pages – While backpacking alone in the wilderness, a young man encounters a mysterious girl who has a unique relationship with the forest.  (Read review by Script Revolution: Phoebe)

KICK-ASS PICNIC – Romantic Comedy – 7 pages – Neal and Amy meet up for their first date – a relaxing picnic in the woods. But their tranquility is soon thwarted by rotting food, a skin rash, an angry tree, and lots of blood.

IF ONLY I DIDN’T HAVE TO LOOK AT YOUR FACE – Comedy/Romance – 5 pages – A shallow young man decides to break up with his beautiful, kindhearted girlfriend because of her occasional unattractive facial expression.

WOOD – Silent Comedy/Romance – 5 pages – A lonely man falls in love with a tree. But can they live happily ever after?

MADAM LUCINDA – Comedy – 10 pages – A man visits a psychic seeking knowledge about his love life and his favorite fishing hole. But it’s Madam Lucinda’s first customer, and things don’t go quite as planned.  (Read review by Madam Lucinda)

LORD OF THE SHELVES – Comedy – 6 pages – Hoping to go straight, a former mob boss moves to a small town and becomes a librarian. But it won’t be easy because he’s paranoid, hot-tempered and prone to violence. Just pray your library books aren’t overdue.  (Read review by Lord of the Shelves)

DIRTY HOE – Comedy – 5 pages – A man borrows a neighbor’s garden hoe to work in his garden, but unfortunately the hoe has poor work ethic and loose morals.

RISE OF THE PLUTONIANS – Comedy – 10 pages – The Plutonians are a secret club that promotes and restores honor to those things that get no respect or have gone out of style: yo-yos, paper airplanes, VCR’s, gluten, Pluto and more. Albert wants to join, but he faces a difficult initiation process.

DAYS OF GLORY – Drama – 9 pages – A sidewalk shoeshine man touches the life of a hopeless customer.

PILLOW GIRL – Comic Adventure – 7 pages –  As a little girl, Kayley never lost a pillow fight. Now an adult, she decides to use this talent to fight evil and impact the world.

DAGGERS – Romantic Comedy – 7 pages – A man sits beside a woman on a park bench to eat his lunch, but he gradually scoots away from her. When the offended woman questions his actions, it leads to a series of bitter insults which arouses them both. 

ALIVE AGAIN… SORT OF – Comedy/Horror – 5 pages – Unfulfilled by the zombie lifestyle, one of the walking dead leaves his tribe and spends a day at the park finding joy and meaning in nature.

IN SEARCH OF THE PARTY GALS – Mockumentary – 12 pages – Eager to make his first ever documentary, a bumbling wannabe filmmaker visits a remote area in search of a mythical lesbian superhero team known as the Party Gals.

MONSTER MANSION – Horror – 10 pages – On the last day of the carnival, young Billy Slater entered a haunted house and never returned. 

SOMBERVILLE PARADE – Dark Comedy – 5 pages – While passing through a small town during their vacation, two parents are excited to take their son to his very first parade. But little do they know that this particular event is known as the “World’s Saddest Parade” and will scar them for life.

STORM CHASER – Comedy – 9 pages – Norman is determined to become a storm chaser, but is woefully unqualified. When he finally does land a job chasing storms, he gets stuck in a tranquil, sunny destination — where the weather is perfect every day.

2022: THE END OF DAYS – Sci-Fi/Horror – 8 pages – An old man finds a disturbing videotape which shows a remote wooded area and a secret meeting of mythical creatures — a meeting which predicts the grim future of mankind.

THE HEARSE FROM BEYOND – Suspense/Horror – 9 pages – On Halloween night, young trick-or-treater Daniel Taylor is visited by a ghostly ancient wagon driven by a sinister old man. Was it real? What did he want? And where did it come from? Many years later, the adult Daniel sees this ghostly phenomenon again and finally learns the truth. (Finalist, ScriptVamp International Screenwriting Competition. Read review by Script Revolution: The Hearse from Beyond)

THE PARK RANGER – Comic Adventure – 10 pages – It’s Dave’s first day as a park ranger, and he’s super excited to defend Mother Nature. Unfortunately he’s a bit harsh as he confronts an innocent birdwatcher, a wayward hacky sack player and a pair of tree huggers.

THE ROOTS OF EVIL – Dark Comedy/Horror – 2 pages – Young Zack is terribly excited about his birthday party — that is, until his clueless family brings out the disappointing birthday cake. 

FLOAT, SWIM, DREAM – Animation/Comedy – 5 pages – A sad and lonely goldfish dreams of escaping his fish bowl so that he can fight zombies, halt global warming and meet Justin Bieber.

NED & BOOMER – EPISODE 1: THE HOEDOWNERS – Comedy – 4 pages – Hoping to spice up their boring lives, good ol’ boys Ned and Boomer decide to plan a hoedown. But do they even know what a hoedown is?

NED & BOOMER – EPISODE 2: BUTT SWEAT – Comedy – 4 pages – Good ol’ boys Ned and Boomer sit on their lawn and discuss their future prospects. Ned reveals that he can predict the weather based on how much his butt cheeks sweat, so he’s decided to become a meteorologist.

NED & BOOMER – EPISODE 3: LAKE OF DREAMS – Comedy – 5 pages – Good ol’ boys Ned and Boomer head to the lake in hopes of catching a few fish for dinner. But little do they know that a strange meteorite has fallen into the lake — and this day all of their fishing dreams shall come true.

CHRISTMAS TREE OR BUST – Animation – 7 pages – As December approaches, dusty ornaments in the attic spiffy themselves up, get makeovers and begin exercise regimens as they vie for a spot on the Christmas tree.

NATURE FREAKS – Animation/Web series pilot – 6 pages – When Mother Nature becomes sick due to pollution, she summons a tornado and commands it to deliver five nature-loving helpers: a meerkat, cactus, rock, dragonfly, and a boy named Bucky.

LEAVING NOWHERE – Animation/Web series pilot – 5 pages – Excited by life’s possibilities, a young baseball named Johnny is batted into the woods and never found. He awakens in a strange land called Nowhere, where all lost and forgotten items end up. But he vows to escape and prove that he and his forgotten friends have plenty of life left in them.

Z-TOWN – Animation/Web series pilot – 5 pages – When the letter Z is set to be removed from the alphabet, several brave residents of Z-Town – including Zack, Zebra, Zucchini and Zipper – must prove that Z is essential. 

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HELLAVISION: A HORROR ANTHOLOGY – Horror – 80 pages – On Halloween night, Nick decides to stay home and watch a horror movie on TV, but he accidentally tunes in to a station broadcasting straight from Hell.

PHOEBE – Horror – 95 pages – A young woman battling depression reluctantly agrees to join three friends on a backpacking trip. Deep in the wilderness, her spirits are lifted when she discovers a mysterious sinkhole — and then meets the girl who died there.  (Winner: Best Screenplay, 2022 Milledgeville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Semifinalist, BlueCat Screenplay Competition.)

THE MAN FROM BEYOND – Sci-Fi/Comedy/Drama – 92 pages – Life couldn’t get much better for Jack Curry. He has a lovely fiancee, a best-selling science fiction novel, a peaceful home in the woods, and a trusty dog. But one night his life is turned upside down when four odd characters show up at his door claiming to be from another planet. What’s worse, they insist that Jack is from their planet — and now they have come to take him back home.

THE NATURE OF CHRISTMAS – Romantic Comedy/Drama – 95 pages – As the holidays approach, New York City park ranger Jessica Walker is temporarily transferred to Ravenwood, a remote town in upstate New York. Her assignment is to train Spencer, a local handyman, to become the new ranger at Ravenwood Park.

THE KING OF BIRDS – Comic Fable/Drama – 102 pages – An oddball birdwatcher becomes convinced that he is the son of Mother Nature, who has fallen ill due to the effects of climate change. Determined to save the planet, he attempts to become a bird-like superhero, but unfortunately he can’t fly. In fact, his only power is the ability to make a single measly hail stone fall from the sky. But eventually he learns there are other ways to make a difference.  (Semifinalist, ScreenCraft Comedy Screenwriting Competition. Finalist, Milledgeville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.)

WELCOME TO PLEASANT HILL – Comedy/Drama – 102 pages – Hoping to go straight, a New York mob boss settles down in a small town and becomes a librarian, but he unknowingly invades the turf of a wild, ruthless backwoods gang known as the Pleasant Hill Mafia.  (Runner-up, Tennessee Screenwriting Association Screenwriting Competition.)

A GREENVILLE CHRISTMAS – Drama/Comedy – 95 pages – Hoping to revive a once promising journalism career, a struggling waitress gets the opportunity to manage a newspaper. But the new job requires that she leave her big-city home during the holidays and relocate to the small town of Greenville, where news is scarce and journalism has no rules.  (Finalist, Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.)

YOU DESTROY ME – Romantic Comedy – 82 pages – Sometimes love ain’t pretty. An anthology of treacherous tales featuring blood-soaked dates, park bench humping, sock puppet romance, graveyard lust, throbbing garden utensils, and more.

THE MONSTERS OF MACON COUNTY – Drama/Sci-Fi/Fantasy – 102 pages – A lonely boy discovers three extraordinary creatures who’ve been hiding in the wilderness for many years, the remnants of a failed experiment. He befriends and helps them, but once they are introduced into society he begins to lose control.

THE STATE OF THE UNIVERSE – Comedy – 87 pages – A state of the universe anthology: A sleepwalker finds Jesus; a young girl chats with Mother Nature’s son; two good ol’ boys encounter a hipster; a war ensues over shaved ice; and other tales of the modern world.


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