* Info about my home park: Long Hunter State Park

* An article I wrote for Tennessee Conservationist magazine: Winter Hiking at Long Hunter State Park

* Another recent article I wrote for Tennessee ConservationistMega-Hike at Long Hunter State Park

* My other stomping ground: Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural Area

* Video montage of my photos: Long Hunter State Park & Couchville Cedar Glade

* Check out our 56 Tennessee State Parks and our 85 Tennessee Natural Areas

* A great non-profit organization to which I belong: The Friends of Long Hunter State Park


* The Friends of Long Hunter Facebook page, where I post a lot of nature photos and park information: Friends of LH on Facebook

* In 2008, with help from the Friends of Long Hunter, I created the Couchville Lake Arboretum. It was the first state-certified arboretum in Tennessee State Parks. If you wish to know more about the arboretum or learn about the trees found there, check out our online brochure: Couchville Lake Arboretum

* Learn more about the unique limestone glades of Middle Tennessee: MTSU Center for Cedar Glade Studies


An excellent book focusing on cedar glade plants. Out of print, but worth tracking down.

* The Queen of the Cedar Glades: Elsie Quarterman

* Our quaint little group: Hip Cedar Glades of TN

* My article about our most famous local wildflower: Tennessee Coneflower: A Conservation Success Story


My Tennessee Coneflower photo on the cover of Robert Brandt’s book, which benefits Greenways for Nashville

* A piece I wrote about our park’s hiking trails: The Trails of Long Hunter State Park

* Ribbit!  The Frogs & Toads of Long Hunter State Park

* Sometimes I watch ladybugs in my back yard: The Tree of Life… and Death


You won’t find a better book about Tennessee butterflies.

* My favorite wildflower of all, the Limestone Fameflower: The Little Flower That Could

* I like goatsuckers. The Nightjars of Long Hunter State Park

* A video essay by my environmental hero, Edward Abbey: “I loved it… I loved it all”


* Lots of good info here: Tennessee Watchable Wildlife

* Wild Side TV: The Tennessee Coneflower

* Always something new to learn at Tennessee Naturalists on Facebook

* Wild Side TV: Streamside Salamander

* I’m passionate about connecting kids to nature, and this is an excellent video on the subject: “School’s Out: Lessons from a Forest Kindergarten”


* All you ever wanna know about birds: Cornell Lab of Ornithology

* A fascinating archaeological site in Middle Tennessee that is managed by Long Hunter State Park: Sellars Farm State Archaeological Area

* My talented friend Fred Dickson has done lots of great work for Long Hunter State Park over years. Here’s a sample: Dickson captures Long Hunter flora, fauna on ceramic

* A silly little zombie nature story I once wrote: The Dead Need Nature, Too